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The Influence Of Community Living On Homes: An Expert Take

India is popular for the concept of a joint family. In olden times most of the family members used to stay together and there was no concept of moving out of a big house. Due to this any old construction that you find in India is made to house at least 15 to 20 members including kids. With the passage of time, this concept disappeared and apartments and flats arose for nuclear families. However, you would be surprised to know that communal living is popular all over the world. It means not only your family but your neighbors, as well as anybody who lives around you, is like a family and there are common spaces made for everyone to enjoy their time together. The influence of these houses is seen in apartments as well.

These are some aspects that have been chosen by homeowners in recent times.

Communal spaces

Communal spaces in houses that were built for bigger families meant that would be a place where members could sit and talk, have meetings or simply bond. They are designed to make people of all ages comfortable. Along with plenty of seating this space usually has traces of family history on the wall. It could be in the form of paintings or showpieces. An even better way to retain the family’s legacy is to have a mural done on the wall. If you are looking for painting services in Bangalore that can help you decorate your walls here is the best option. Communal spaces are seen in countries like Israel, Iran, Iraq, and many more. If you are looking to include a common space in your home attach a bar to make the gathering better.

Decorating the common spaces

The size of the space does not matter as long as you make the area inviting and comfortable. It can be a table in the kitchen or a cozy balcony. People are incorporating the elements of common spaces to make guests more comfortable. The walls can be decorated with multiple colours and make the space vibrant. Your showpieces and wall paintings can be conversation starters and spark important conversations. Decorating the common spaces can be easy as everybody is sure to like some aspect or the other. Adding a few potted plants can also be beneficial. They can give the place a dash of freshness. Use potted succulents on the table instead of flowers for a more sustainable approach.

Walls and ceiling

Depending on the kind of furniture you plan to put in the spaces your walls can range from bright primary colours to subtle pastels. Your ceilings can go from being supported by beams to being painted delicately. The walls can be painted in a neutral colour to bring together the furniture and all the artwork you wish to display. The preferred colour palette can range from the American Diner inspired black and white to the English dusty rose. The use of soft colours also ensures that any soft furnishings like sofas and drugs don’t clash with the walls. If you plan on keeping minimal furniture or natural materials like cane or rattan in common areas then you can look at bold colours on the walls.

The core of community living is a space where everybody can feel free to be a part of a discussion. This kind of lifestyle emphasizes sharing and bonding everybody around to build a better life. With this in mind, you can use Nerolac Paints to make your vision come true. Every aspect of your house can be modified according to your taste and made better with the right decoration on the walls.

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