Proper Costume Party Etiquette

You have been invited to a costume party and, yes, you checked – sexy women’s costumes are allowed. There won’t be any kids there that might make that an inappropriate choice. You did some online shopping at sites like AMI Clubwear and you have your costume. Is there any other etiquette that you should know about when it comes to something like this? 

Don’t Overindulge

This is especially important if it is an office costume party. Actually, you should pay attention to this if it is ANY kind of office party. You may be there to have fun, but there are still boundaries. Otherwise, you risk quickly becoming the person that is not invited to any more parties … or worse, out of a job. 

There may be alcohol served there. That does not mean that you treat it like you are at a fraternity party and drink as much as you want. Pace yourself … or don’t drink at all. 

Don’t Harass People

Yes, that person over there may look extra fine in that costume. Guess what? They are wearing it because they like how they look in it … not because of how you think they look in it. So be respectful – and that may be tied a bit to the other one with alcohol – though that is not an excuse. 

You can have a blast at a party in a sexy costume. There are just things that you should be aware of before you head out for a night of fun. 

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