Rules To Be Followed For Gym Bags

Gym bags are very important to carry all your gym essentials to the gym. Therefore, they need to be cleaned too so that they can last long. Your bag carries everything from sweaty clothes and dirty shoes to wet towels. The moist environment and exposure to germy surfaces make an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. It’s not surprising. Your gym bag puts in hard work just like you do and it is important to maintain them.

Get The Right Backpack

Gym bags are not only the elongated, tube-shaped carriers you see people often carrying on the shoulder. There are the latest stylish gym backpacks that you can carry to your gym. Carrying a gym backpack has many benefits over a duffle bag. It helps to carry weight by equally distributing the weight on both of your shoulders. This helps to keep your spine more aligned. Consider the best backpack for gym and work if you have to go to the office before or after the gym.

They are comfortable to carry if your gym is far. Duffle bags hang low and may give you trouble when you walk. It places all pressure on one shoulder. They are harder to organize and take up more space on the floor, which can be especially awkward when using public transportation.

Go for one medium size backpack that has at least one all-around zip so you can open the main compartment fully. The backpack comes with organized pockets and a bottle pouch on the side could also come in handy.

Use A Name Tag

You may not be traveling far to go to the gym, but you may end up misplacing your bag by accident. It might also happen that you leave it on top of the locker and someone takes it by mistake. This can send you into panic mode for some time. You can add your name tag so that it makes identification all the easier.

Attach A Lock ON The Bag

Getting a lock at home is a way to secure your things inside the house. Similarly, when you are at the gym you need to secure the items in your bag even if you choose locker service. Get the lock for the gym bag, and you can do your workout tension-free. If you got a backpack with the molle system,  best blenders for restaurants, attach the lock on the surface of the bag.

Use Odor Balls

After a workout, you keep the smelly socks/clothes in the bag and this creates a bad odor in the bag. Odor balls are inexpensive and can make the difference between you being a healthy person or the smelly person. If you are using organizers, you can just pop one ball in the bag and one in the pouch/box with your used gym gear in. 

Clean The Dirt of Your Bag

When you’re changing your running shoes to training shoes, your bag is bound to collect dirt. The best and easy way to deal with dirt is to empty the separate compartment as soon as possible. Tapping the bag doesn’t clean all the dirt and you need to properly clean it at home. To deal with the dirt, give the inside of the bag a thorough wipe with a lint roller, focusing on the corners of the bag.  The stickiness of the roller will remove the dirt and crumbs from the tricky corners.

Regularly taking out your gym clothes from your bag is the best way to keep them fresh for longer. Dirty clothes and towels not only make the bag smell foul but may also leave damp marks on the fabric of the bag. The use of disinfectant wipes is one of the easiest ways to keep your gym bag clean. Make a routine to clean your bags with disinfectant wipes after your gym. This helps to prevent the spread of germs before it starts.

Your shoes are your best friends and they go through a lot of wear and tear too. Luckily, there’s the best way to keep your gym bag clean and fresh. Buy the best gym bag with shoes compartment and keep your shoes separate in the bag.

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