Online vs Offline Dating – Pros and Cons

When bars and clubs became rampant with diseases, daters had nowhere to go. When Covid-19 struck and we could barely leave our homes, we had no choice but to head online. When schedules got too tight and spending an extra hour at the bar became time-wasting, we got behind the desktop too.

After several blows to our regular bar attendance, one thing became clear. We had no choice but to try online dating. With this new endeavor came newer struggles and of course new experiences. The debate on whether on or offline dating is better boils down to preferences.

Dating Preferences

People choose if they would prefer dating girls with blonde hair easily using online dating. Other preferences can be added too like age, location, ethnicity, and body types much easier online than offline. However, we dive a little deeper into the differences between the two dating options. These might help us decide what works for us.

Online Dating


  • You have a large pool of members reaching thousands if not millions. These members are all accessible if you register with a premium account.
  • There are fancy communication tools to help you build rapport. These also help you reach several members at once while flirting with them.
  • Anonymous communication means you can be as naughty as you please without anyone knowing your identity.


  • There are several scam artists online who make it hell for everyone. They can cause bankruptcy or steal identities.
  • Some sites offer no communication without payment.
  • Security verification systems don’t always work – some fraudulent accounts are created.

There may be a few more particulars worth noting under online dating but the above are the main ones. Let’s examine what offline dating entails.

Offline Dating


  • Meeting people face-to-face is a plus. There is less time needed to decide if they meet your criteria. Also, you get to know if they are genuine sooner.
  • You might meet their friends or family members. This helps capture the sort of person he or she is. It removes the struggles of meeting families after chatting for eons online.
  • You work to get who you need and might have to compromise on specifics. This is good so you are not as judgmental as you would be online.


  • You cannot simply swipe left or right to select who suits you.
  • It can become expensive to barhop and grab cabs to see different people.
  • Moving around to find like-minded souls is overwhelming. It is also time-consuming because it is hard to know which location boasts people with similar interests.
  • It can get risky especially if you meet random people in unfamiliar places.

Deciding if online dating is better than offline dating truly can be challenging. With busy schedules and the need for instantaneousness, many will stick to dating online. Offline dating takes away time, and money and sometimes creates more stress than it relieves. With that being said, dating offline presents better alternatives.

There is a greater chance of ending up with someone in the long term. Resources aside, long-term relationships are what many seek. If you only seek hookups it might still be safer to bet on offline dating. This is because the time taken to chat, flirt and agree on who you want is well worth it. On the other hand, flirting online could still lead you to scammers and timewasters.

Bottom Line

Making an extra effort to mingle offline is value-adding. The amount of extra time in restaurants also means you might meet fresh faces even as you try to know your date. This cuts the extra time you’d spend sifting through new pictures online and vetting members.

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