How Good Is The ATP Star Crash Course For JEE Mains?

Course For JEE Mains! Before answering the question, I would want to provide some background on the crash course, regardless of who is providing it. A crash course, sometimes known as a crash program, is a brief educational or research course that is completed in a short amount of time. A crash course might help you enhance your notions by brushing upon them. If you are stuck on something, the institute’s specialists can assist you. There are lessons at the conclusion of the course that address any difficulties the learner may have, ensuring that nothing remains a fault.

Crash courses also effectively prepare you by forcing you to practice all of your ideas utilizing sample papers and previous year’s exam papers. This not only gives you a full understanding of the JEE question pattern, but it also helps you build a plan for tackling each topic within a specified time period so that you do not fall behind, which increases your confidence.

A typical JEE crash course runs from 40-50 days and is mainly a revision or fast track course, which discusses certain significant themes in every chapter. Also, several chapters like polymers, environmental studies, daily chemistry, hydrogen and its components, etc. are not even covered, because of the restricted length of the training. The focus of such a course is generally on the solution of aptitude and on the explanation of short theories. Some students participate in JEE mains crash course with the belief that the full curriculum will be completed and that JEE will be clear in just two months, but not in the past. The crash course could not be useful for such pupils. But many students who have studied to a certain amount and wish to enhance their abilities profit from the crash courses as much as possible.

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Now coming to your question. There are various coaching institutes in India to obtain a crash course. Any Time padhai Academy founded by Mr. Vineet Khatri is one of the best institutes for JEE main preparation. Another new and premier online coaching institute for JEE mains is Doubtnut. Doubtnut, a new online coaching platform, also offers material access by smartphone or internet. Students can use study platforms like Doubtnut, which is an interactive learning program that gives solutions to previous IIT JEE, NCERT, and other competitive medical entrance test question papers. Students can also ask specialists to respond to their queries straight away.

Here are some preparation tips for you.

Understand the syllabus and the patternĀ 

Download and go through the official JEE progress syllabus. It gives you a sense of what to study and what not to study. It also helps you prepare a curriculum. Try to grasp the pattern of the examination next. Well, it is a straightforward process. Right? But simply don’t skip that step.

Prepare a study plan

If you want to achieve a good JEE advance, you must develop a correct study strategy together with a time frame. Prepare individual plans for each topic. Schedule daily, weekly and monthly objectives. It helps you to monitor your education. Make a timeline, too. You can manage your time well with a well-planned schedule.

Focus on basics and concepts.

Doubt elimination is the key to building strong thoughts. Try to comprehend the concepts instead of remembering the information. Mugging is not an option for Toppers. You must have solid foundations if you want to do well in JEE hands. I recommend that you review all of the basic ideas before you start your preparation. You can spend two or three days checking the basics.

Prepare notes

It was always a good idea to take brief notes when studying and preparing for the boards. Please take meticulous notes on your textbooks and reference materials and your lessons. Enhance your notes and books’ important headers and formulas so that they can be found easily. During the early phases of your examinations, your notes will be helpful for review. Make individual notes for every topic.

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Revise regularly and attempt all previous year question papers

It is quite useful to practice previous year’s test papers. This will help you not only understand the question pattern, but it will also allow you to practice time management. It is important that these documents be completed. It’s conceivable that you’ll get a common question as a result of it. Attempt to answer at least ten years’ worth of previous year’s question papers. Attend the mock test as well.

Time management is essential

You will have a limited amount of time to finish your entire question paper. Don’t spend too much time reading the question paper. You will have more time to read the question paper. Try to read the entire article within that time frame, and set aside time for each session.

Take frequent short breaks

Studying for long periods of time should be avoided. Instead, take regular breaks every 45-60 minutes. These breaks are critical for unwinding your thoughts and recharging your batteries before the next study session. They help your mind stay focused and alert.

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