A Healthy Hobby: 9 Reasons Why Reading Is So Good For You

Reading is one of those rare pleasures that is actually good for bodies and minds. Whether you’ve had a long day and need the comfort of a good read, are riveted by your favorite new author, or studying a new interest, reading comes with many benefits that make it such a worthwhile pastime!

So, whether it’s an old classic, or the best contemporary fiction books US stores have available, here are nine reasons why you should be picking up the book:

It’s serious brain exercise

The brain goes to work when we read. When reading, you are obligated to remember a range of characters, settings, themes, and other devices to ensure you fully comprehend the narrative. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how reading exercises your brain and improves your memory.

It’s a healthy, pleasurable experience

Whilst many pleasures often come with negative side effects (drinking alcohol, overeating, etc.) reading is a healthy pleasure that continues to provide joy and entertainment the more you read.

It improves our concentration

You know it and we know it, too: it’s becoming harder to focus in this world. With endless content being thrown at us from all angles: TV, social media, the internet, etc. it’s important to take the time to enjoy a passion that allows us to work on our focus and improve our attention span – reading is simply perfect for this.

It improves literacy

Obviously, this is the key reason why we are taught to read: to improve our literacy! And what’s even better is coming across a whole new set of words that we would otherwise be unaware of only to then add them to our repertoire.

It’s good for our sleep

If you’re one of those people that feels the need to fall asleep to a grisly true crime doco then it’s time to rethink your sleep routine! This is especially important when you consider that reading before bed tells your brain that it’s time to switch off, relax and de-stress (something that sleeping helps you do before bedtime, thus improving your sleep!).

It’s great for our general knowledge

Reading – whether fiction or nonfiction – improves our general knowledge. You can learn so much about a place or tie even if it’s through a fictional setting, with so many tales and topics available for reading at your local library and beyond.

Reading can inspire us

Have you ever come across a character in a book that you truly resonated with? Or, have you met one that inspires something within you, whether it be in work, exercise, life goals, love etc? Authors go to extreme lengths to ensure their characters are highly relatable, creating a whole world around that makes us resonate with them as well as be completely inspired by them.

Reading de-stresses the brain

Our brains run at a million miles an hour, constantly jumping from topic to topic on the shortest whim. Given that human beings have around 6,000 thoughts a day divided into innumerable topics, it’s always a good idea to grab a book and focus on that one particular topic in order to reduce those thoughts and de-clutter the brain!

It can be a social experience, too!

Book clubs are genuinely a lot of fun if you love reading. They are a great way to meet new people and to learn something new about the book you’ve been reading. Here, you can really flex your intellect and have fun in the process – we totally recommend joining a book club if you love to have a good reading session!

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