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GRE! Students nowadays aspire for growth, better opportunities, and skill development and learning to enhance their career prospects. They plan well in advance during their school days, which stream they are going to opt for and in which college they wish to seek admission. Getting the college/university of your dreams is not a cakewalk, as for few seats thousands of aspirants fight for their luck.

Aspirants have to crack certain exams to get admissions to prestigious foreign universities; also some of the institutions offer scholarships to bright students. Top business schools and universities accept GRE (Graduate Record Examination) scores for bagging a seat in the best 50 B Schools in the US.

This test has three sections:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Analytical Writing Assessment.

A student with a good hold of the English language with good vocabulary has chances to score well. Students can start preparing for the course of GRE from both online and regular classes. Each of the three sections has a critical role to play in the overall evaluation of the candidate.

The ultimate aim of the GRE is to test the basic knowledge of the candidate in Maths and English. It requires a serious and detailed study plan to get a score of 320+. Before going for the final attempt, it is recommended to take mock tests (online/offline) which is also beneficial from a time management aspect. To start with the test prep, basics and vocabulary need to be brushed up with a weekly plan. As the level of English is quite hard as compared to other sections, it is emphasized to devote 30-40 mins regularly, polishing the concepts.

Instead of wandering from one study material to another, stick to limited study notes and official GRE guides. General guidelines need to be read before making the final attempt. Once one has a fair idea of all the sections and question types, easy to hard, all the levels of questions must be attempted.

All the sections in this test evaluate different aspects including the following:

  • Analytical skills
  • Analyzing arguments
  • Data interpretation
  • Reading comprehension

For better understanding aspirants can enrol in a complete course of GRE for better results.  This test can be taken multiple times and depending on the mode of test which could be computer-delivered or paper-delivered, the test scores are directly sent to the applied institutes. The test scores are valid for up to 5 years, which could differ for various universities. Digital practice books are available too for every subject and the study material has very thorough content matter. Typically, it is advised to start preparing for the test 6 months prior.

Several universities and colleges across the globe accept GRE scores for graduate-level programs and MBA. This test may even support for Ph.D. or fellowship program. It is a matter of prestige to get a degree from a renowned university/college. Dreams can change to reality if one puts in the effort to make the best of time and resources, and utilize them in the right way.

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