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Actionable Tips to Choose the Best Curtains for Your House

Natural light coming through windows is a good thing, but you wouldn’t want much of it during scorching weather. Having window curtains can help you control the amount of light you want to have in your house. The right set of curtains increases your room’s aesthetic appeal and also allows you to control the amount of natural sunlight coming through windows.

If you’re planning to buy some new curtains for your house but are confused seeing so many options in the offline and online market, we are here to help you. You can purchase the best curtains from the market by following the tips shared below:

1. Choose the Right Length

Instead of focusing on the curtain design; you should focus more on the curtain length. The market has five standard lengths, viz., 63, 84, 95, 108, and 120 inches. What length curtain is best for your house will depend on the placement of your house windows. Use a measuring tape and calculate the length from the curtain rods to the floor if you want the curtains to be that long. If you wish to cover a portion of the windows, look for tier curtains. Floor curtains should be purchased if you want the curtain to reach down the floor. Those looking for a middle option should go ahead with an apron curtain.

2. Select the Right Fabric

Fabric plays a vital role in letting the natural light pass through. Heavier or opaque materials prevent a lot of sunlight from entering the house, whereas the lighter fabric does the opposite. So if you love the natural sunlight coming in, choose curtains made of cotton. Curtains made of linen fabric are perfect for moderate light, while velvet curtains are ideal for blocking the light from passing through and entering your house. You can find a lot of variety in terms of colors and design for each fabric, so don’t worry about limited options.

3. Get the Perfect Hardware

Curtain rods are essential to hold the curtain properly. You would want to buy curtain rods that are a little longer, so you can easily move the curtains to the side when you want the light to come in. Luckily, most standard curtain rods available in the market are a little longer, allowing you to shift the curtains to the side you want. On average, the curtain rod should be wider than the window by 6 to 12 inches. So if you want to be double sure, measure the width of your window, and ask the seller to give you a curtain rod that is 6 to 12 inches wider than your taken measurement. It will ensure you buy the right size hardware for your curtains.

Now that you know how to select the right length, fabric, and hardware, you can rest assured of buying the best curtains. Besides the three points shared above, you can also give importance to the design and color of the curtain for aesthetics purposes.

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