5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Engagement Ring

1. Set your budget

The first thing you have to do when choosing your perfect engagement ring is to set your budget because two rings can look almost exactly the same, but the difference can be astronomical so as to make life easier, wise to set your budget and try to find your engagement ring in your budget. Common practices for engagement rings are said to be 2 months from your salary.

2. Mount of engagement ring

Basically, there are two types of installation for rings; Solitaire mounting and mounting with side stones.

Mounting solitaire – this is the most popular installation when it comes to engagement rings. Solitaire’s installation is the only one with a stone centered on the ring so that the middle stone is the focus of the ring.

Side stones increase – larger stones in the middle of the ring accompanied by small stones on both sides of the ring. The most popular side stone installation is 3 stones and 5 stones.

3. Settings

The setting is the way the stone is attached to the ring (semi mount). There are three general settings; Prongs settings, bezel settings and tension settings.

The branch settings are also known as crawling to secure stones in place. Branch settings are widely used on the ring because this setting has the least contact area with stones so it shows most of the stone area, including the stone side, compared to other settings.

Bezel setting – this is a way to secure stones by circling stones with metal. Because the side of the stone is surrounded by metal so that only the surface of the rock is displayed.

The tension settings are held only with the pressure given to the two ends of the calf which makes the stone look floating in the air. This is the most firm setting and is considered a modern style of setting.

4. Shank type.

Shank is part of the ring that is right around the finger. This is the largest single component of the engagement ring where it attracts the most interesting besides middle stone, so that your place shows your ring individuality.

Shank Knife – Shank the edge of the knife has two sides that meet at the point above. Depending on the design, “Shank” or “softer” shanks knife can be found.

Shank Cathedral – this is a type of shank whose shoulder some Shank connects to the head on the slopes up.

Pave Shank – This is called Shank Pave when a calf ring is covered with lots of small diamonds.

Channel shank- channel carved into the calf to form a groove where he holds a diamond.

Divide Shank – Betis shared in the middle of the ring head into 2 separate bands.

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5. Metal ring

There are many choices for metal for your ring. When a walking style, you can consider white or non-white. Although White seems to be a color dominating the engagement ring today, colored metals such as yellow gold, or roses are a good alternative to add a personal touch to your engagement ring. Hope from the first visit you will start to like this Lab created diamonds.

White-Platinum is my personal choice if White Metal is a cup of your tea. Platinum is not only a hard metal that you can count on when you have to hold your precious stone on a ring but also holds the color without limits without having to trigger again. White gold is another popular choice for engagement rings, but it’s not as hard as platinum and needs to be rejected from time to time.

Colored gold is usually yellow or rose. The gold color is determined by the percentage of copper and silver mixers. Yellow gold is the result of the same copper and silver number. The more silver there is a whiter gold alloy and on the other hand, copper gives yellowish color.

Now I hope you have to have some ideas about what type of engagement ring is right for you and if you want to learn more about Engagement Rings Sydney, you must check my blog.

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