Wedding Thank You Cards: A How To Guide

If you want to simplify the tedious task of writing your beautiful rustic wedding thank you cards, there are a number of steps that you can take. The essential writing job may not be a top priority for the bride-to-be, but it still requires ticking off the wedding planning checklist.

With a little know-how you can write and send your personalized thank you notes to all of your guests, without breaking any of the general etiquette rules.

Create A Thank You Card List

No matter if you’ve taken the time to greet and personally thank everyone who joined you in celebrating your wedding day, it’s considered good wedding etiquette to compile a thank you list for cards to handwrite and send to guests.

It’s important to thank guests for coming to your wedding, whether or not they bought you and your spouse a gift. As some guests usps bluelite may have spent a lot of money on the gift, accommodation, travel, and an outfit, it’s thoughtful to let them know that you appreciate the extra effort they have made.

To help you keep track of whom to thank for what, it’s a good idea to create a list of the names of the gift-givers, as you open each wedding present with your spouse. Failing to get organized could easily result in total confusion over which guest to thank for each gift.

Your thank you card list should therefore include:

• Every guest in attendance at your wedding who bought you a gift

• Guests who sent you a gift even though they couldn’t attend your wedding

• Anyone who has made a financial contribution to your wedding (such as parents and other relatives)

• Wedding guests that didn’t give you a gift

• All hen night, stag do, and bridal shower attendees

• Anyone who ran errands for you in the wedding day lead-up, regardless of whether or not they attended your nuptials

Although it’s not essential that you include the hired wedding vendors and suppliers on the list, it’s a nice touch to also send them a handwritten note of thanks.

If a guest has sent you a wedding gift after you’ve returned from your honeymoon, it’s recommended that you send them a thank you note for their attendance at the wedding, and a follow-on card that let’s your guest know that you have received their gift.

The Wedding Gift List

Many wedding gift list companies offer a practical service that records details of all of the guest purchases on your behalf. You can access this information by logging into your online account. While many guests may find your gift list helpful in choosing what to buy, there may still be some people that opt to purchase your wedding liteblue usps app gift off-list. Being able to refer to a master thank you card list for guest/gift information means that you’re less likely to miss someone when writing your stylish rustic wedding thank you cards.

The No Gifts Rule

If you and your beloved have been together for a while, you may decide to opt for a no-gift rule, for your wedding. You may choose to ask guests to make a donation to your favorite charity, or not to spend any money at all. If this appeals to you and your partner, you will still need to write thank you cards to acknowledge their presence at your wedding.

What To Write

If you want your personal messages of thanks to be thoughtful and sincere, it’s crucial that you spend a little time thinking about what to write in your thank you cards. Scribbling the first thing that pops into your head just won’t do, if you don’t want to break wedding etiquette rules.

It’s best to avoid cookie-cutter-style messages that are generic. Your thank you cards should be handwritten in a manner that is personal and specific. When writing each card, you should mention the gift that you received, and add a short sentence about how you plan to use it.

For instance: “Thank you so much for your kind and a generous gif of the beautiful hand-blown crystal vase. We’re looking forward to displaying gorgeous flowers that we’ve picked from our garden in it!”

Share The Workload

Even if your handwriting is much more legible and beautiful than your spouse’s, it’s still important that you share the work, when writing your wedding thank yous.

To make the task manageable, divide the list between you, and tackle it in small chunks at a time.

If you have a huge pile to work through, you can write a few wedding thank you cards one evening, and then reward yourselves with a andreaabelix night off. Progress that is little and often is much better than aiming to get the job done in one go, as even the neatest handwriting could easily become a scrawl.

Mailing Cards In A Timely Manner

The last thing that you want to do, after spending time composing and crafting the perfect rustic wedding thank you cards, is to delay or forget the mailing bit. It’s polite etiquette to write and send your handwritten thank you messages one to three months after the wedding day.

If you’re honeymooning at a later date, it’s perfectly acceptable to mail your thank you cards as early as a week after you get hitched.

Do make sure that you add the correct amount of postage, to ensure that your card doesn’t accumulate an excess charge that your guest has to pay.

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