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Top 9 Places To Visit In Ooty

Ooty is known as the Queen of hills. It is a small city in Nilgiri district in the state of Tamilnadu. during summer. It is a very special and popular destination to visit. Because of its beauty and attractive environment, it attracts a lot of tourists. Staying at berry hills resort Ooty will be a very good option. Many places are there to visit in Ooty.

Here are some of the places to be visited in Ooty;

1. ykara Waterfalls:

    It is a very beautiful place to visit in Ooty. This place is located around 20 kilometers from Ooty. There are also some luxuries present there like a boathouse and forest rest house which makes your holiday very amazing and special. It is a very amazing picnic spot. It is a very attractive place in Ooty, and the natural beauty of this place attracts many tourists from different parts of the country. This place is not spoiled by commercial aviation which is the best part about it. One can do boating here by enjoying the view of blue water, and dense trees. The view will be memorized by everyone. The visit to this place will be worth it.  

    2. Ooty Lake:

    The visit to Ooty must include the visit to Ooty lake. this lake was formed during the 19th century during British Rule. lush mountains are present around the lake. the landscape of the lake of this place is amazing the border with All around The green cover. the boat ride at this place is a must bunking go for motor boat pedal boat or rowing boat some other activities are also there around the lake such as an amusement park, horse riding toy trains for children, etc. market is also there on the lake along with the food court that serves a variety of dishes. one should visit this place and enjoy the beauty of this place.    

    3. Government Rose Garden:

    The government rose garden is the largest rose garden in the country. The visit to Ooty will be incomplete without visiting this government rose garden. It is situated on Elk Hill slopes. One can get the best pictures in this rose garden. There are many different varieties of roses in this garden. Photography skills can be released thereby capturing the beautiful flowers. Touching the flowers is strictly prohibited there. One can enjoy spending their time with their loved ones in this garden by enjoying the beautiful view of the flowers. The visit to this garden will be memorable.

    4. Nilgiri Mountain Railway:

    It is also known as the toy train in Ooty. This place is the most attractive in Ooty, it is very popular in hill station Ooty. The train is very much popular that it has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. It was started in the 19th century. in 5 hours, 46 km distance is covered by the train. During the journey, one will find all forests, tunnels, mist, fog, etc. Traveling by train will be a very good experience. It is worth a visit.

    5. Upper Bhavani Lake:

    It is located in the Nilgiri hills above the avalanche lake. The place was first unexplored, very less visited by the tourists, but now it is becoming famous because of its beauty and beautiful photography spot. There is a long car ride journey to travel to Upper Bhavani Lake from Ooty. On the way, one can find many different types of flora and fauna. Traveling to this place will be a very good experience.

    6. Elk Hill Murugan Temple:

    Elk hills are considered the most beautiful hills in the Ooty. The hills are home to Murugan temple. this Temple has been dedicated to the Murugan lord who is well known as the god of the warrior. The golden statue of lord Murugan is there on the hills in the temple. The hills are amazing the site is very beautiful. not only the view is beautiful but the atmosphere inside the temple is or so very memorable and remarkable.

    7. Emerald Lake:

    Emerald Lake is 22km away from Ooty. It is located in Emerald village. In the Nilgiri district, Silent Valley National Park is situated which is near Emerald Lake. The place is away from the crowd, so that is why it is very silent, peaceful, and clean. One can spend time with their loved ones and enjoy the beauty of nature. This place is not so much explored, it is visited by less number of tourists. For nature lovers, this place is ideal. People usually visit it for photography, the beautiful view of the lake, green Nilgiri hill slopes, plantations of trees, etc. The place is a perfect landscape. Visiting this will be a worth visit.

    8. Doddabetta Peak:

    One can visit Doddabetta peak to enjoy the view of Nilgiri hills. It is located 10 km away from Ooty. This peak is the highest peak of the Nilgiri hills. The view from the hill is awesome. All around there are dense forests and beautiful trees and other varieties of flora. One can easily do trekking here. The state tourism department runs a telescope house so that tourists can see and enjoy the view of this beautiful place. One can also enjoy the food there from the cafe along with the view. A small market is also there where there are so many things available such as clothes, accessories, food items, etc. The visit to this peak will be very memorableand peaceful.

    9. Avalanche Lake:

    Avalanche lake is 26 km away from Ooty. It is a very famous tourist spot in the Nilgiri district. For nature lovers and photographers, it is a very attractive place. Around the lake, there is greenery and beautiful flowers. around the lake, there are hills on which the waterfall is there which adds more beauty to this place. It is believed that in the 19th century the lake has been created by a landslide. One can enjoy mounting trekking, fishing, rafting, rappelling, horse riding, open Jeep driving, and other activities, etc. at Avalanche lake. because of the many activities, it attracts tourists from all over the world. One must visit this place and can enjoy various activities there and the beauty of nature. 

    As mentioned above, many places are there to visit in Ooty. Planning a stay in berry hills resort Ooty will provide you with a very good experience. One must visit Ooty and enjoy with your family and must decide to stay at berry hills resort Ooty.

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