Tomahawk Missile – Costs 1.78M USD!| Isn’t it Expensive?

Tomahawk missile is a long range, jet-powered, subsonic cruise missile used by the US navy and the Royal navy.

Why does the Tomahawk Missile cost so much?

These missiles are made up of similar missiles used in the modern fighter jets. Its long range, it also has a gyroscope, it’s a subsonic cruise missile. It is so strong that it can be used in all weathers. With all that specification it should be that much expensive.

History of Tomahawk Missile

Initially it was produced in the 1970s by General Dynamics. It was firstly used in the war of Persian Gulf in 1991. It was also used in the Iraq war in 2003-11, Bosnia 1995, Libia 1996-2011, Sudan 1998, Yemen 2009 and Afghanistan 1998-2001.

How much damage does a Tomahawk Missile do?

It is an 1000 pound bomb which is powerful enough to destroy a house or a 20 feet crater roughly. 1000 pond is barely equals to pack of 166 cluster bombs.

Different missiles with different range

Block II TLAM-A- 1350 nmi1550 mi, 2500 km
Block III TLAM-C- 900 nmi1000 mi, 1700 km
Block IV TLAM-E- 900 nmi1000 mi, 1700 km
Block III TLAM-D- 700 nmi810 mi, 1300 km
Block IV- 864 nmi1000 mi, 1600 km
Block V- 899 nmi1035 mi, 1666 km

What factors does a Tomahawk Missile consist of?

A tomahawk Missile mainly consist of three parts:

  • Launch System
  • Munitions
  • Navigation

Launch System

These types of missiles are stored and launched from pressurized canisters that protect them while transportation and storage. These missiles can be launched via gas pressure or water pressure.

Different Versions of Tomahawk Weapon System
V2Tomahawk Weapon Control System(TWCS)
V3Advanced Tomahawk Weapon Control System(ATWCS)
V4Tactical Tomahawk Weapon Control System(TTWCS)
V5Next Generation Tactical Tomahawk Weapon Control System(TTWCS)


A defense base where the ammunition is stored is called munitions. It’s a verb. A TLAM-D contains 166 sub-munitions and 22 canisters. The sun-munitions dispense two at a time, one per side. This missile has a capacity to target five objects at a time.


Every missile should be navigated to some targets where it should be launched. TERCOM a digital representation on maps. These maps are further loaded on the TLAM in the tomahawk missile.

DSMAC is used to correctly target the desired objects to be fired using the maps that have been inserted on the TLAM.


1991 US navy fired 288 missiles in Persian Gulf War, 1993 46 missiles were fired at Baghdad, 1993 23 missiles were launched at Iraq, 1995 13 missiles at Bosnian and many more attacks were made by US navy using tomahawk missiles.

Royal Navy

In 1995 the US agreed to sell 65 missiles to the UK. In 2004 the governments of the US and UK agreed to allow the British to purchase 64 Block IV or TECTOM missiles.

Some Extra Detail about Tomahawk Missile

The US is the former of a nuclear version of this missile.

Caneda is announcing that they will be equipped with this missile.

Australia also announced that they will get some of these missiles for their navy.

There are many other countries who are interested in acquiring these missiles including NetherLand and Spain.

Countries who are using and and in future who will be using this Tomahawk Missiles are given below

Current UsersFuture Users
United StatesCaneda
United KingdomAustralia

It’s very powerful and in my opinion it’s not expensive according to the specification of tis Tomahawk Missile.

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