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A logo is a simple symbol that is used as an enhancement to remember a product or service provided by a company or individual.

Why do you need a logo?

The importance of a logo is hard to overestimate in the commercial sphere. Nearly a third of a company’s total revenue depends on its recognition, and those who rely on the popularity of their brand are well-versed in psychology. The name, which is always on hearing, is better postponed in our memory and generates thoughts about the safety of the advertised product, and therefore the trust in it. This seemingly simple move provides a tangible share of the profits. The simpler and more elegant the logo looks, the better it is remembered and the higher the chance that the buyer will remember your brand and will give preference to you and not your competitor.

Principles of logo design

First and foremost, remember that a logo is the “face” of your product. Simple, succinct, and memorable – these are the main criteria for a successful logo. As a rule, it consists of a symbol, like Apple, or an inscription, like Philips, or both, like Gucci. But drawing it yourself will not be easy. You need to pick out the color, shape, and background. For this, there is a whole list of online designers. The obvious question immediately arises, “Which one should I choose?”

Online platforms – advantages and disadvantages

Many programs have been created to generate a logo and each one stands out in its own way. They are all freely available, so if you do not like a program, for example, because it keeps your logo and everyone can download it, thus reducing its uniqueness, or the interface resembles a remote control of a spaceship, then you can easily switch to another online generator. One of the most remarkable is the Turbologo platform. A simple and intuitive interface with lots of features makes the whole process of designing a logo quite flexible. The developers tried to put everything together so that both a novice and an experienced designer could use it.


In today’s world, the concept of “logo” is widely known and used by absolutely everyone who wants to be recognized in the market for goods and services. If you want to create your own logo, the easiest way to do it is on a logo-generating website. The difficulty of choosing a good site depends on a large number of competitors, each with its own disadvantages and advantages.

The online platform “Turbologo” is one of the most attractive in terms of mastering, because both amateurs and professionals can cope with it. A large number of features gives you the flexibility to create a unique logo, which eventually will be available only to you. In addition, the site is absolutely free, and if you are in search, you should pay attention to Turbologo. Every day the list of templates and pictures is replenished by experienced designers, and the client base is more than 50 thousand companies from all over the world.

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