Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are engaged. A complete timeline.

2001: Lopez and Affleck started recording the film “Gigli.”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez getting ready to film a scene on the arrangement of their film “Gigli” on December 19, 2001 in Los Angeles. Scott Alfieri/Getty Images

Affleck featured as the main protagonist, a mobster named Larry Gigli, and Lopez depicted a criminal named Ricki.

Typically, their characters fell head over heels and wound up together by the finish of the basically panned film.

Cris Judd

At that point, Lopez was hitched to Cris Judd, her subsequent spouse (she was momentarily hitched to Ojani Noa preceding that). She and Judd met on the arrangement of her music video for “Adoration Don’t Cost a Thing” and marry in September 2001.

In a meeting with Vanity Fair for an element delivered in March 2003, Affleck denied hypothesis that he and Lopez acted heartfelt with one another while she was hitched.

“At the point when I met her we turned out to be super, truly old buddies,” Affleck said.

He proceeded: “Yet from the start, since she was hitched, there was no thought about a close connection, so that set out the freedom to get to know one another with no of the erroneousness that goes with romance since you’re attempting to establish a decent connection.”

Affleck said that neither of them changed parts of themselves, and they “turned out to be truly old buddies in a manner that was entirely agreeable.”

“With Jen, I thought, Even however it can never work out, it was pleasant for me to realize I was fit for feeling as such — that I could cherish someone in a manner where what I truly needed was for them to be content, considerably more than I needed what I needed,” he added. “That was another experience for me.”

April 2002: Ben Affleck took out advertisements in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, in which he spouted about working with Lopez on “Gigli.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck getting ready to film a scene on the arrangement of “Gigli” on December 18, 2001 in West Hollywood, California. Mel/Getty Images

Affleck expressed: “You have offered grace, commitment, determination, lowliness, thoughtfulness of soul, excellence in boldness, extraordinary compassion, shocking ability, genuine balance and genuine grace…It has been only an honor and a joy to work with you. I just wish I were adequately fortunate to be in the entirety of your films.”

He likewise marked the promotion: ”With affection, regard and appreciation, Ben Affleck.”

Of the enormous signal, Affleck later told Vanity Fair that Lopez “had fostered this standing as a diva and an aggravation in the a- – ,” and he needed to openly voice his help of her and “check” that story.

“She works harder than anyone I’ve at any point seen,” he said. “I thought/was occupied with motion pictures and TV and composing; I felt pretty maximized until I met her. She was doing all that and recording collections on ends of the week!”

July 2002: Lopez petitioned for legal separation from Judd, a month after separation reports spread. She and Affleck opened up to the world about their relationship that mid year.

Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd at the Oscars on March 25, 2001 in Los Angeles, California. Ron Davis/Getty Images

Lopez refered to beyond reconciliation contrasts as their justification for finishing their marriage.

“Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd have declared they have settled all issues emerging out of their marriage. The goal was very friendly,” their legal counselor said in a proclamation shared by People.

Affleck told Vanity Fair that he didn’t know about conjugal issues among Lopez and Judd on the grounds that she never referenced it during their discussions.

“We would hang out, however I discussed me constantly: ‘Enough about you!’ I was enigmatically mindful she had something going on, yet I was too bustling running off my mouth,” he said.

“It changed when she let me know she was getting isolated,” Affleck said about when things changed between them. “By then, it turned into a chance; entryways were opened.”

November 5, 2002: Lopez delivered her music video for “Jenny From the Block,” featuring her and Affleck.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in the music video for “Jenny From the Block.” Jennifer Lopez/YouTube

The music video drew motivation from the couple’s genuine experience of being examined by general society and being harassed by paparazzi.

It showed them making out on a yacht and holding up a newspaper that included prattle about them.

That month, Lopez and Affleck were spotted shooting their second film together, “Jersey Girl,” in New York City and New Jersey.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in a pony carriage during the recording of “Jersey Girl” on November 7, 2002 in New York City. Arnaldo Magnani/Getty Images

The movie was coordinated by Kevin Smith, who later said that he begat the expression “Bennifer” — the couple’s mixture epithet. Smith said he gave Lopez and Affleck the moniker “during ‘Jersey Girl’ pre-creation, before the world figured out they were dating.”

In the film, Lopez depicted Affleck’s significant other who kicked the bucket while bringing forth their little girl.

November 11, 2002: Their commitment was affirmed during the couple’s meeting with Diane Sawyer as a feature of ABC’s “Early evening: Special Edition.”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez recording “Jersey Girl” in New York City in November 2002. James Devaney/WireImage

The couple spilled every one of the subtleties on Affleck’s “conventional” proposition and the uniquely crafted, six-carat pink precious stone wedding band from Harry Winston.

“It’s simply a cover, a blanket of flower petals, all around the entire whole house,” Lopez said of the surprising suggestion that occurred in Boston. “Such countless candles, and containers, flower bundles. What’s more, my melody ‘Happy’ was playing … I stroll in and I was recently wrecked. I wasn’t anticipating it, and I was very much like ‘Good gracious.'”

Lopez said that she started “wailing” as he read a transcribed letter posting the justifications for why he cherished her and needed to use whatever is left of his existence with her. She got considerably more profound when she saw the pink jewel, which was her number one stone.

“I had cried much over misery throughout the long term,” she said during the meeting. “Furthermore, without precedent for my life, I cried staggering cleansing tears of joy. It was the most purging inclination and the most brilliant inclination I had at any point had.”

The “On the Floor” vocalist additionally depicted Affleck as “splendidly shrewd… . Cherishing. Enchanting. Loving. Also, I simply respect him all around. I regard him. I feel like he shows me things.” insane life and requiring a conviction that all is good.”

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