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Data Science Bootcamp! It is a pretty common question that everyone asks or thinks before joining an online Bootcamp program. 

Questions like,

  1. What is a data science bootcamp?
  2. Should I join a data science bootcamp or get a bachelor’s degree or enroll in a master’s program?
  3. Is data science bootcamp worth it?

In this blog, I will be discussing all these pain points and answering the questions. 

Personally, I always support bootcamp programs over degrees as they are usually shorter, more focused, and a great point to begin your career. However, this is my personal opinion. So, if I am answering this question from a broader point of view, it becomes a pretty hard question with various answers. 

All of them have various skills and objectives. One thing, however, is quite consistent, I believe: bootcamps appear to raise expectations of people without an extremely technology expertise. A bootcamp will not necessarily make you the data scientist if you are not interested, passionate, or focused.

What is a data science bootcamp?

Rigorous three to six month training programs that prepare candidates for entry-level and beginner’s level data science job opportunities are data science bootcamps. These training teaches technical expertise to analyze data, visualize data, analyze statistics, predict assessment, and in certain programming areas.

Should I join a data science Bootcamp or get a bachelor’s degree or enroll in a master’s program?

Here are my thoughts about data science bootcamp programs offered online based on your professional capabilities and what level you re at:


Let me be brutally honest and straightforward. A six-month part-time bootcamp program will not make you a professional data scientist if you do not have any work experience with data science or programming and no educational background. However, it can be a good start and can taught you some nice skills. If you are doing the job, you can find your data analyst role at your entry – level positions after completing the bootcamp.

Positions in the field of data science are usually thought of as highly skilled or very senior. A short Bootcamp program is simply not a sufficient opportunity to acquire excellence in core knowledge. In this case, getting a bachelor’s degree will be the right thing to do.

Graduates or Post Graduates

I believe that being from quantitative academia makes you the best boot camp applicant. Most universities with quantitative coding knowledge, knowledge of statistics, and knowledge of data-working and storytelling. Data Science Bootcamps give an idea of how wide the tools are, how they use some of the common data science tools, and how to encode them.

People with such backgrounds are usually those with which I am most sure will actually be able to find data science positions after completing a Bootcamp program. As an additional bonus, programs such as Data Incubator as well as Insight are available for promising students from academia. That being said, many are making the transition without having to go for a data science boot camp, so while I find it useful, you could have a sense of the job market opportunities without even a Bootcamp.

Software Engineers or Web Developers

If I am being honest, I do not see software engineers enrolling in data science or coding bootcamps. I think this is right — mostly if you work in technology already, you are already familiar with the environment and the transformation is not that big. You likely have the ability to learn from all of the nice free resources online. Data scientists with strong coding abilities are in great need but often people who follow that path end up with the title of “machine learning experts.”

That being said, I believe a data science boot camp might be a great way for a software engineer who would like to have some context in data science and more structured curricula, as they would provide the stats and background to ML that they typically lack, but it certainly is not necessary.

Data analysts

Data Science Bootcamps are a great way to upskill you. This may be an excellent way either to make your way to a high ranking data analyst position, or attempt to make the move to the data scientist, based upon how skilled you are.  Although what your present job involves depends greatly upon if you have not used Python or R at all and usually use Tableau. A data science bootcamp will present you with things and probably are not enough that you can make the transition to data scientists.

If there is no chance of ML, it may also not be helpful for your present job. A part-time data science Bootcamp can help you to find places to use the knowledge of the data studies of your role today and the only thing that holds you back is the shortage of your own skill sets.

Boot camps and other part time programs are great for introducing you to the wide range of data science tools out there. They are not enough on their own to make you an expert, and they are not transformative. If you’re just curious about data science, there are a ton of online resources for learning.

If you want to do something more directed and don’t have serious financial constraints, a bootcamp can be a reasonable option. Just don’t go in expecting that a bootcamp will take you from 0 to 6-figure data scientist in a few months.

Is data science Bootcamp worth it?

Data science bootcamp programs are excellent to present you with a large variety of information science tools. You are not sufficient for yourself to become a professional, and you are not transforming.  There seem to be a lot of online training programs if you are simply curious about data science. A more focused Bootcamp can be an acceptable option if you are doing something and do not have any serious budget restrictions. Just do not expect a Bootcamp to take you from 0-6 figures.

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