Australian Super Star Luke Cook – Bio, Facts and Personal Life – Birth Year 1986

Luke Cook is a famous Australian actor, writer, content creator and director. The best known character performed by him was Lucifer in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.


DoBDec 19, 1986
Birth PlaceAustralia
SouposeKara Wilson
ChildChaplin Benjamin Cook

Luke Cook Modern Family

Luke Cook has worked in Modern Family as Cliff and he performed very well in it. This TV series started from 2009 to 2020 and got a lot of fame in the world. He played a very good role in it.

Luke Cook Dynasty

He was casted as Oliver in the fourth season on CW’s Dynasty on Jan, 2021.

Luke Cook Tiktok

He also has a tiktok account as (@thelukecook). He got 742.3k followers on tiktok. He mostly shares some funny and dramatic content on tiktok. He usually gets more than 100k views on his videos. He is very famous on tiktok. He is also known as a great content creator. He also shared some videos on tiktok with his family.

Luke Cook Net Worth

It’s not confirmed but from some resources we came to know that his approx. net worth is $1.5 million. He is a very famous super star and personally I didn’t expect this net worth from Loke Cook.

I expected more from him but on the other hand it’s also possible that he enjoys his life rather than making money for his status. Yeah it’s possible in my opinion it’s more grateful to live life like it’s the last day of life then collecting money for future uses. 

He has many earning sources like he is an actor, he is also a director, writer and also content creator on tiktok. In other words he has many sources of income. He is counted as one of the richest actors in the world.

Luke Cook Sabrina

Image Taken From decider.com

Luke Cook’s best role was Lucifer Mornigstar in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. He literally rocked that one. It was mind blowing, outstanding. There is no match for Lucifer. I personally appreciate his work because it was literally amazed to see such a good performance like never done before. Lucifer was not only famous in the native land but also in the whole world. Many dubs of Sabrina were released. For Luke Cook it is an honor to get such fame like no one else.

Luke Cook Instagram

He is more famous on Instagram than TikTok. He has a big number of followers. He has 959k follows on Instagram. Now it is not difficult to reach one million for him. He usually posts the same content like he posts on Tiktok. He has a lot of family content on Insta like his little baby in most of the recent videos.

Luke Cook Wife

Her wife’s name is Kara Wilson. It’s a big shock that her wife is more than double his age. Kara Wilson is 77 years old. She was born on June 18, 1944. They are also blessed with a child as I have already mentioned above. She had also worked as an actress. She has worked in The children of the New Forest and Grange Hill. She got her education from School in Glasgow. She graduated from University of Glasgow (UOG).

Relation With Her Wife

They got married in 2019. They also have a child. They seem to be very good with each other on social media. As he is not that much active with his wife on social media as comparatively like his child. Because nowadays you will see Chaplin Benjamin Cook in many of the latest videos of Juke Cook.

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