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What Are Digital Twins and Why Are They Important?

Oftentimes, throughout your life, it helps to have an exact copy of something. It’s good to have an extra printout of your big research paper or to create a digital scan or important documents. Think of this as a safety backup system for you to have secure digital items as well as the physical process. While these are minor examples, this is the general concept of digital twin technology.

When you are running a business that relies on industry and manufacturing, you need to make sure you’re making the best decisions at all times. One wrong move or bad decision on product design or function can affect the future of your company. Rather than testing out these changes on your physical assets, run a simulation in the digital world. This is essentially what digital twin technology can do for your industrial business or supply chain. Let’s dive into the connection between these software programs and how they can help you.

What is a digital twin?

At their core, digital twins are a digital form or representation of different processes, services, and physical products that you use every day in your industry. This combination of the digital world and physical assets helps you process information and gain insights through your digital model. Test out hypotheses on new advances without risking any damage to a physical object. You can manipulate the digital twin without spending a fortune. Use visualization of your virtual model to find the best practice for the physical product moving forward.

Digital Twin Technology and Industry 4.0

Digital twin technology is a huge part of Industry 4.0. Over the centuries, we’ve had around four industrial revolutions in the world. The current ideation of this is the introduction of digital platforms to industrial areas. Different Industry 4.0 concepts have helped individuals process real-time data and improve strategic technology trends. By having these insights, you gain efficiency and understand every scenario in a new light. If you haven’t considered this kind of digital transformation for your business, then you may want to consider stepping into this new area to broaden your horizons.

Types of Digital Twin

There are a few different definitions and areas involved in digital twin technology. You can have product, process, or system twins. A product twin is a digital replica of a physical product that you sell or are looking to improve. Process twins help with the manufacturing process. They outline exactly how your specific areas are running and what you can do to improve the physical process. Lastly, system twins give you a broader overview of the entire factory or range of physical processes. This digital technology can help with product development in a way you may not have previously realized.

Benefits of the Software

There are so many benefits to using digital twin capabilities. For one, you save a ton of money by testing new ideas in a digital space rather than making huge physical changes. You’ll also never be at fault for trying something new. It creates a more inventive, curious atmosphere with much less risk. You’ll also be able to react to issues in real time with quicker insights. Trends in your industry may require fresh products or a new outlook and you’ll be able to get those ideas up and running in a shorter amount of time. Lastly, digital twin technology allows you to view predictive maintenance for your physical systems. If something starts to go awry with the digital twin model, you’ll be able to jump in and save the real thing ahead of time. Overall, these products help you harness analytics and use it in a more productive, successful way for your business.

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