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Painting Trends to Look Forward to This Summer

Summer is a season of bright colors- a variety of flowers and fruits. It denotes warm colors and vibrant hues. It’s a season of fresh air and garden parties. Using the right colors in your space should make it the perfect abode for summer. Here are some of the trends that you can follow for the summer season.

Choosing the right colors

Different shades of blue can be considered perfect for walls in summer. Blue is the color of the ocean and the open sky. Sky blue is a soothing soft color for summer that can give a dream-like vibe to your home. Saturated blues like indigo can have a cheerful effect in the space for summer. With a gloss finish, it can give a positive look to your space. Use these painting trends in your house this summer with painting service in Delhi.

Green is the color of nature and peace. It has a soothing effect on the eyes and is a great color for summer. Emerald green can give a more tropical look to your space representing green forests and the wilderness. Softer shades of green like mint green can have an airy effect and a sense of openness to your space. Sage green and jade green can also be perfect colors for summers.

Peach is a popular color for summer because of its light shade. It comes somewhere between pink, orange and yellow- all representing cheerful, warm vibes. Shades of pink like coral pink and strawberry pink can also be wonderful colors for summer. Colors that represent fruits and flowers can be understood as perfect colors of summers. For example- lemon, melon, and watermelon red that look good in a fruit basket.

Using prints and textures

Summer is the perfect season to play with tropical patterns and textures for your homes. You can try a variety of traditional and regional art prints in your home to give a culturally uplifting look. Have an accent wall with polka dots or floral motifs. Walls can also be given textures to bring in the effect of light. Textures should be used smartly to give a balance to your space. You can play with a variety of colors to bring in a tropical vibe to your space.

Go monochromatic

If too many colors are too tacky for your eyes, you can go for another extreme. Monochromatic schemes can be used to give a sense of harmony and calmness to your space. Use a summer shade and pick different tones for a soothing color palette. Add your cushions and curtains according to the chosen color palette to increase the sense of harmony. You can also mix some neutrals. White is the perfect neutral color for summer because of its light and airy nature. It is an elegant color that can be used in a versatile manner with other summery shades. Protect your ceilings from the harsh summer sun with waterproofing service in Delhi.

These painting trends can cheer up your house and bring in the perfect summer vibe to your homes. Cheer up your spaces with soothing, warm lights for those cool and breezy evening gatherings.

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