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All You Need To Know About Rishikesh Camping

Rishikesh Camping! Arranging parties, binge-watching series, diner gatherings on weekends are long gone. All you need is a stressless, relaxing break to start the next day. And the perfect solution for your question ‘to where’ is existing along with us, in our motherland, India.

Apart from cities, roads, buildings, fancy beaches, there is another side which is unknown to many! I am pretty sure that would do nothing but captivate you.

Rishikesh or ‘Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas’ is undoubtedly the earth’s heaven. Said or not, this place is the classic example of nature’s amazing creation. Today it has become a magnet for its holiness and spirituality.

People from all around the world reach this place to acquire ideals of yoga, meditation, and relaxation. None exists without knowing the power of Ganges. And it doesn’t stop there. prepared to be amazed and excited to see the other side of Rishikesh, India’s Heritage.

 Camping in Rishikesh

 Popularly named “Yoga Capital of India”, it precisely lies 25 km north of the city Haridwar and 43 km southeast of Dehradun. This sand of the sages has always been welcoming in terms of culture, values, and peace. But if you are someone who is looking for peace in adventure and fun, then this is the place! Rishikesh camping has it all.

From the Beatles Ashram, Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, Swarg Ashram, Hot Water Spring: Rishikund to Shivpuri camp, Triveni Ghats, Neer Garh Waterfall trek, Kaudiyala rafting, cliff jumping, and much more. The adventurous camping and trekking are plenty in number. All you need is to choose what you quench to explore in this celestial paradise.

 Rishikesh offers several camping plans to suit your preference of location, budget, duration, and other activities like rafting, body surfing, bungee jumping, etc. Each camping differs from one another and each experience is like no other. Camping in Rishikesh proves to be the best gateway from everything you are stuck with right now!

 Why Rishikesh for Camping?

1. View

Located at the Himalayan foothills, there is no doubt that the scenic views are stunning.  mountainous one by nature, and, river gushing between the rocks, tent stay under the ceiling of stars, etc are all worth your time and thirst for nature.

2. Adventurous sports

Rock climbing, paragliding, rafting, valley crossing, nature walk, jumaring, wildlife safari, cliff jumping, mountain biking, giant swing, kayaking and there is no end of things that you may encounter while you’re visiting Rishikesh. All the above are absolute add-ons to your camping.

3. Flora and fauna

 It’s home to varieties of rare, exotic species of birds and plants. You could admire its beauty while trekking into the woods as well as feel its presence during the nights. Rishikesh camping is sure to top the priority list of any nature’s admirer.

 The perfect timing for Rishikesh camping!

The winter, between October to February seems to give the experience you look for though they are accessible throughout the year. People are attracted to the cooler environment and suitability to do any desired activity. comfortable tents near the riverside, at ‘anytime dropping’ temperature is also a one-of-a-kind stay.

 Popular campsites

 The list would never end if you start counting them. But the most peculiar ones are worth your notice while deciding your desired getaway.

Ganga Vatika

Located near the banks of the Ganga, surrounded by the majestic Himalayan ranges indeed will captivate you. rafting will take you to the top of your adventure expectations.

Jungle campsites

These cottages are sure of luxury. You name it and you have it. Be it spectacular views of the hills or mouth-watering cuisines, they got you covered. meticulously maintained and properly guided, I am sure you won’t miss a thing.


Opened almost throughout the year, it gives you a complete package of what Rishikesh can offer. From trekking to the most popular pick in Rishikesh camping, rafting is considered to be the ideal place to escape to. Shivpuri Riverside Camp is situated on the banks of the River Ganges and treats your eyes with lush green and dark forests.

A blend of serenity and peaceful environment, mesmerizing sunsets from temple tops, heart-racing sports, altogether will redefine the purpose of your life!

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